Code for the paper “Informed Down-Sampled Lexicase Selection: Identifying productive training cases for efficient problem solving”


Ryan Boldi*, Martin Briesch*, Dominik Sobania, Alexander Lalejini, Thomas Helmuth, Franz Rothlauf, Charles Ofria, and Lee Spector

* = Equal Contribution First Authors


Genetic Programming (GP) often uses large training sets and requires all individuals to be evaluated on all training cases during selection. Random down-sampled lexicase selection evaluates individuals on only a random subset of the training cases allowing for more individuals to be explored with the same amount of program executions. However, creating a down-sample randomly might exclude important cases from the current down-sample for a number of generations, while cases that measure the same behavior (synonymous cases) may be overused despite their redundancy. In this work, we introduce Informed Down-Sampled Lexicase Selection. This method leverages population statistics to build down-samples that contain more distinct and therefore informative training cases. Through an empirical investigation across two different GP systems (PushGP and Grammar-Guided GP), we find that informed down-sampling significantly outperforms random down-sampling on a set of contemporary program synthesis benchmark problems. Through an analysis of the created down-samples, we find that important training cases are included in the down-sample consistently across independent evolutionary runs and systems. We hypothesize that this improvement can be attributed to the ability of Informed Down-Sampled Lexicase Selection to maintain more specialist individuals over the course of evolution, while also benefiting from reduced per-evaluation costs.




If you use this code, please cite the paper:

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The code for the PushGP portion of the experiments can be found in this repository here with instructions on how to run the experiments in this paper here

The code for the G3P portion of the experiements can be found here


You can find supplemental material hosted here:

PushGP Instruction Sets

G3P Grammars